Welcome to Oddly Appropriate Greetings. Each of my unusual designs is a hand-made collage I’ve crafted from recycled bits of scrap paper. You can see hints of the design process in the slight imperfections in each image.

Several years ago, I decided to design and sell greeting cards with odd, yet highly appropriate messages. After I wrote the text, those messages turned out to be so specific that each card would only have worked in the most narrow of circumstances. The messages were strange, though exactly right for very specific occasions—occasions that, unfortunately, might not arise very often.

I abandoned the idea of text on the greeting cards, but I still believed that people might want to communicate odd and unusual messages. In each of my current designs, I’ve replaced the highly specific text with images that seem particularly appropriate for various occasions.

Although I once conceived of these designs as ideal only for greeting cards, I’ve since decided that they’re appropriate for other objects as well–journals, canvas tote bags, cutting boards and cocktail plates.

An oddly appropriate greeting might be just right for your next happy occasion.

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